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Mid-week Message


O give thanks to the Lord, for God is good; for God’s steadfast love endures forever.” 1 Chronicles 16:34

Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend. We are collecting an offering of fresh produce at the church this week for display and blessing on Thanksgiving Sunday. Everything will be donated to On Rock Community Food Bank to support those in need. As we prepare this offering and our hearts and homes for Thanksgiving, let us pray this Thanksgiving prayer:

God, we thank you for your harvest which feeds us so many times each day.

We are nourished with your forgiveness and hope.

We are sustained with your strength and patience.

We are filled with your grace and compassion.

God, we thank you for feeding us with a harvest of plenty.

We are restored through your generosity and healing.

We are replenished with your abundance and joy.

We are reminded of your selfless abandon.

God, we thank you for feeding us with the bread of heaven.

Your gift of Christ sustains our lives,

restores the promise of your love

and fills our hearts with your everlasting light.

God, we thank you too for filling us with the water of life.

May we drink deeply that our thirst may be quenched.

May your river continue to flow over.


(From Overflowing, a prayer book from PWS&D, #4; and Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s World Food Day resource “So That All May Flourish.” Adapted from a prayer written by Christine Sine.)

Grace and peace,

Rev. Sarina

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