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Worship at Briarwood

The congregation first met in Briarwood School in 1959 and today’s Briarwood Church building was constructed in 1963. We are a blended spiritual community, eager to learn more about God’s many messages, and how they apply in today’s world.


In 2010, Briarwood began a second worship service with contemporary music, while maintaining the original traditional service with hymns.  In 2020, the two services were blended together into one service as a result of the Pandemic.  This blended service has been a blessing to the congregation, bringing together the two musical styles.  Worship continues in this format to this day.


The worship service is supported by the musical gifts of our Organist for the prelude, postlude, and hymns, as well as our Contemporary Worship Leaders who lead the contemporary songs and sing the hymns as well.  We celebrate Communion six times a year served by the elders and the minister.


Children are welcome at Briarwood.  There are worship bags with activities for kids to do at the beginning of the service.  Before the sermon, there is a Children’s Message, after which, the kids go out for a Kids’ Faith Program.  They return to the service during the closing hymn.  

After the service, there is a fellowship time with refreshments and catching up with each other.

Leadership at Briarwood

Briarwood is part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, through the Synod of Quebec and Eastern Ontario, and the Presbytery of Montreal.


The Session provides overall leadership to Briarwood.  The Clerk is Ikwo Ndiomu.  It is comprised of elected and ordained individuals from the congregation called ‘elders’, ranging in age from 23 to 83!  


The Board of Managers cooperates with the Session to manage the annual finances and physical building.  The Chairperson is Virginia Bell.

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