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Mid-week Message


“Always pray in the Spirit, with all your prayers and petitions. Pray constantly and attentively for all God’s holy people.” - Ephesians 6:18

Prayer means seeking connection with God. It takes many forms. Prayer can be our words to God. We can ask for help, express anger or grief, share thanks, and declare awe to God in prayer. Some prayer is silent, where we wait and listen for God. This kind of prayer can be practiced in stillness and also through movement, like exercise. Prayer can also be rote, using the words of others. Some examples of these prayers are the Lord’s Prayer, the Psalms, and prayers in prayer books or in worship. Prayer can also be a ritual. A prayer like this is the Examen prayer, which is a daily prayer in which we examine our day and identify a consolation and a desolation each day. Throughout our lives of faith, different forms of prayer will resonate with us and help us connect with God. Find freedom in trying different forms of prayer.

The Holy Spirit communicates with us through prayer, in whatever form our prayer takes. The way the Holy Spirit communicates also can take many forms. It can be a change of heart, or a new idea. It can be a thought or a feeling that rises to the surface and becomes clear. It can take the form of visions and dreams. Sometimes there is nothing that we notice, but those times of feeling silence from God are also a part of our spiritual life in Christ.

Prayer means seeking a connection with God and through that connection, the Holy Spirit will reach out to us to communicate in a way that we will understand. Coming to God in prayer opens us up to receive what the Holy Spirit has to give us in that moment. Prayer is an important part of discerning the Acts of the Holy Spirit among us. I encourage you to make space in your life for prayer. Try different forms of prayer and discover which one works for you at this time in your life. May you encounter the Holy Spirit through your prayers.

Grace and peace,

Rev. Sarina

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