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Mid-week Message


I call upon God, who will save me. Evening and morning and noon I utter my complaint.” - Psalm 55:16-17

One way to stay connected with God is to pray multiple times throughout the day. This regular prayer practice reminds us to fix our eyes on Jesus in all circumstances. Praying like this is called Daily Prayer. It can take many forms:

  • We can pray with our own words, asking for help, expressing anger or grief, sharing thanks, and declaring awe to God in prayer.

  • We can pray with Scripture, reading to ourselves or with others, and reflecting on the words or imagining ourselves in the scene.

  • We can pray with silence, in stillness or through movement, like exercise or yoga.

  • We can pray by rote, reciting the words of others like the Lord’s Prayer or the Psalms.

  • We can pray by ritual, using a prayer book to guide us through a rhythm of prayer and Scripture reading.

Throughout our lives of faith, different forms of prayer will resonate with us and help us connect with God. Find freedom in trying different forms of prayer.

At my retreat in Colorado, I learned about Celtic forms of prayer. I want to share with you an online resource of ritual prayer that guides you through prayer morning, noon, and night, and also before bed (Compline). Here is the website:

This site has a description for this type of prayer, and on the right links for prayer for different times of day and for Compline prayers for each day of the week. Check it out or try one of the other types of prayer I listed above. Find a way to connect with God through prayer throughout the day and may God bless you.

Grace and peace, Rev. Sarina

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