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“As Jesus was walking along, he saw a man called Matthew sitting at the tax booth; and he said to him, ‘Follow me.’ And he got up and followed him.” - Matthew 9:9

Jesus met Matthew and invited him to leave behind what was familiar to follow Jesus. Jesus invites us all to follow him. Following Jesus authentically takes intentional work. It requires awareness because it’s easy to get off-track and follow something or someone other than Jesus without realizing it. To move toward the new life given to us in the resurrection, we must continually recenter Jesus in our lives. Reflect on this poem by Rev. Sarah Speed, which reminds us to think about where we are headed and who we are actually following.

Where are you headed?

We are trains on a track,

moving through life at warp speed.

Please keep all arms and legs

inside the moving vehicle

at all times.

The years pass like a flipbook,

faster than we can absorb,

but the train does not stop.

We press our faces to the windows

to try and get a good view

and we ask each other,

Where are you headed?

And there on the train

we decide—

we want to head toward

the promised day.

We want to head toward crowded tables

and long, healthy lives.

We want to move in the direction of joyful children,

and hopeful communities.

We want to move closer to God

with every mile of track,

and that does not happen by accident.

So it’s time to ask,

Where are you headed,

and who’s driving that train?

A Sanctified Art LLC |

Grace and peace,

Rev. Sarina

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