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Mid-week Message


I’ve been talking with people in our congregation about health challenges they are facing. One issue that compounds their challenges has been a backlog of people needing care. Surgeries have been delayed; tests have been delayed.

It put me in mind of the story in Luke 8:42b-48 of the woman who had been bleeding for twelve years. She had spent all her money on physicians and found no healing. She sought Jesus. When she arrived, he was surrounded by crowds pressing in on him. She made her way through the crowd and was able to touch the hem of his robe. She was healed.

Our siblings in Christ with health challenges are also trying to get through the crowd to touch the hem of Jesus’ robe, to receive treatments. I hope you will join with me in praying for them:

O God, make a way where there is no way through the crowd, so that our siblings in Christ will receive their treatments as soon as possible. Please part the sea, and give them a path on dry ground to healing and relief from suffering. Fill them with your healing power, O Holy Spirit. Jesus, give them your strength and courage for the road ahead. Hold them in your loving hands, O God. We ask these things in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Grace and peace,

Rev. Sarina

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