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Mid-week Message


“Worship YHWH with gladness! Enter into God’s presence with a joyful song!” - Psalm 100:2

I have some announcements about worship in February that I’d like to share with you. First of all, we will be making some changes to the music in our Sunday worship services. Starting this Sunday, Raphael will be playing the organ for both the offertory AND the closing hymn. He will also be adding at least one singer to both songs each week. In addition, we will have two contemporary songs each week, except on Communion Sundays, when we will have one. All of our musicians have been learning so many new skills during the pandemic so that we can worship together on YouTube. Thank you to our musicians for sharing your gifts to bring worship through music to us in the pandemic. Praise God for these new musical offerings!

Secondly, I want to share some important worship dates with you coming up in the month of February.

  • Sunday, Feb. 7th is PWS&D Sunday. Andrea Perrett from PWS&D will be preaching, and I will do the liturgy.

  • Wednesday, Feb. 17th is Ash Wednesday. I will host two 15-min Ash(less) Wednesday services by Zoom at 9am and 7pm. The morning service will replace our Wednesday morning prayer that week. I hope you will join me for a blessing as you begin your Lenten journey.

  • Sunday, Feb. 21st is the first Sunday of Lent. We will share the sacrament of Communion as we begin our Lenten journey.

I am looking forward to sharing these worship experiences with you.

Let us continue to worship God with gladness and enter into God’s presence with joyful singing!

Grace and peace,

Rev. Sarina

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