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Mid-week Message


“And Jesus came to them and said, ‘...Remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.’” - Matthew 28:20b

On Sunday we read Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness. The voice of Satan was a strong temptation, but Jesus filtered it into the background and reframed the message, remembering his belovedness in God’s eyes. We are constantly bombarded with so many messages these days. Through it all, we, too, can remember that we are beloved in God’s eyes and that Jesus is always with us, leading us, guiding, showing us the way. The poem, Who will you listen to?, by Rev. Sarah Speed (A Sanctified Art LLC | encapsulates the many voices competing for our attention. It also draws attention to both the challenge and the comfort of God’s voice among them all.

Who will you listen to?

Twitter or the BBC / the ads on late-night television / the wind as she blows / the echo of children playing / the quiet of snow / the ice bucket challenge / the phone when it rings / your pastor / your mother / your doctor / your gut / the tension in your shoulders / the restaurant singing happy birthday / audio books / TED talks / the rhythm of the music / the coffee drip in the morning / your therapist / the wisdom of the enneagram / the way your heart comes alive when you’re being creative / the man on the corner asking for change / the kid on the subway selling chocolate / the labels on the makeup bottle that promise timeless beauty / the magazines that tell you you need timeless beauty / astrology / the Dow Jones / the hiss of the radiator / the pitter patter of little feet / financial advisors / the top 40 pop / the top 40 country / the New York Times / the rumor mill / the Book of Psalms / your sense of self / Jesus, when he says, “I am with you, always.”

Grace and peace,

Rev. Sarina

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