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Mid-week Message


“Therefore encourage one another and build up each other.” 2 Thessalonians 5:11a

This first week of Advent, we long for hope. With God, there is room for every story. Jesus makes room for each one of us. Belonging to a community is the seed of hope. I invite you to reflect on this poem by Rev. Sarah Speed about God making room for each one of us. Be encouraged! And encourage others along the way by making room for their stories, too. (A Sanctified Art LLC |


I asked God— what about my fingernail-biting habit or the way I leave all the cabinets open in the kitchen?

What about the way I can be dramatic, drumming up a fight, only to hand out apologies like souvenirs?

What about the way I second-guess myself, let shame drive, or stay quiet when I have something to say?

What about the way I chase accomplishments like a dog with a bone?

What about the doubt, or the fact that I’m terrible at prayer and cannot help but yawn during church?

What about What about What about?

My baggage might be too big for the van.

But then God called me by my first and middle name, which always means business, and said: Who told you that you were too much? Sugar, there is so much room for you here.

So that’s when I grabbed a seat and we hit the road and I knew right then that the rumors were true.

There is room. There is room. There is room.

Grace and peace, Rev. Sarina

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