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Mid-week Message


I’m always aware of your presence; you are right by my side, and nothing can shake me.” - Psalm 16:8

As we continue through these uncertain times, I invite you to fix your eyes on Jesus, who is always with us. This prayer by John van de Laar ( helps us to awaken to God’s ability and presence with us:

When we are overwhelmed by responsibility or struggle,

we forget your ability,

When we are proud of our dreams or achievements,

we forget your ability,

When we are faced with great suffering or great opportunity,

we forget your ability.

But, you are God – with all that the word implies,

and you are right here,

with us, within us,

in partnership with us;

and so whatever we may face,

whatever we may have to endure or enjoy,

we praise you for your divine ability that embraces us,

your Holy Spirit that fills us,

and we celebrate the knowledge that you have walked the road before us,

incarnate, baptized, mortal and eternal.


Blessings to you!

Rev. Sarina


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