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Mid-week message

Dear members and friends of Briarwood,

Over this past weekend, as the sun came out and as the temperatures warmed, it was difficult to miss what was happening with the trees. As I looked into our backyard and down our street, I almost thought I could see the buds opening in real time. It wasn't exactly an explosion, but moment by moment I felt I could discern the greening of the world around me. It was encouraging and beautiful.

As we transition so noticeably into a new season (Spring!) we are invited to remember and acknowledge God's faithfulness in all seasons. The Psalmist says that it is good "to declare God's steadfast love in the morning, and God's faithfulness by night" (Psalm 92). Perhaps we can paraphrase: "It is good to declare God's loving faithfulness in Summer and Fall and Winter and... Spring. In all seasons." God is with us. God will always accompany us. God does not forsake us.

This is both a deep truth of our faith, and also a deep mystery in difficult days—that God is faithful. May we learn day by day to embrace this truth and dwell in this deep mystery. God is persistent in love; unfailing in compassion toward us.

Grace and peace to you, through Christ our Lord.


- - - - - - - - - - - -

Events this week: Tuesday: Women’s Bible Study via Zoom, 7:30 pm Board meeting via Zoom, 7:30 pm Wednesday: Morning Devotion via Zoom, 9 am Session meeting via Zoom, 7 pm Sunday: Viewing of Sunday Worship Video, starting at 10:30 am, with Rev. Dr. Roland De Vries preaching

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