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Weekly Update

Grace and peace to you through our Lord Jesus Christ! My prayers are with you all!

The Quebec government has banned all indoor and outdoor gatherings and closed all non-essential businesses. Here is a list of what still remains open.

The news at the church is that the Session has passed a motion to cancel services for the month of April. This, unfortunately, includes all of our Holy Week services and Easter. Session also passed a motion to close the church for the whole month of April. This affects our in-person smaller gatherings, both in and outside the church, as well as our renters. In the meantime, here are 10 tips for meeting online.

We all have to do what we can to follow the government regulations and get this virus under control. Right now, loving our neighbor means staying home to save lives.

It’s an odd, seeming, contradiction. Legault asks us to be more united than ever, while at the same time, ordering us to stay in our homes. But, we CAN be united in staying home. Staying home is the best method we have available to us to slow the spread of the virus and to buy time for health care, researchers, and the government to build up supplies and work on treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19. Many people have likened this pandemic to the 1918 flu pandemic. Back then, people thought the flu was caused by the inFLUence of the alignment of the planets. We are much more prepared for this pandemic because now we know what viruses are. Please wash your hands and stay home.

In case you missed it in the news:

  • Beware of COVID-19 scams:

  • Beware of COVID-19 fake news and hoaxes:

  • Coronavirus can last in aerosol form for hours, on surfaces for days:

Be gracious with each other.

The situation we are living through right now is very overwhelming. It stirs up lots of emotions and all of us will respond to this flood differently. Some of us will disengage. Others will obsess. Sometimes we will feel terrified, and other times we will feel positive. Some of us will feel God close to us and others will feel God distant. Be gracious with each other. Reach out to those who live alone. Don’t blame your loved ones if they can’t support you in the way you need support. Find someone you can talk to. And PRAY.

May God’s peace which surpasses all understanding guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus,

Many blessings in Christ,

Rev. Sarina

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