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Precis of Session & Board Meetings - May

Once again, I am pleased to share with you some highlights from the May Session and Board meetings!

We had a full house at our Session meeting on May 8th, and exclamations of joy were heard as we learned that three individuals had agreed to let their name stand for election as elders coming onto Session. Elder elections will be held this Sunday, May 20th, in the Narthex between services. Please be sure to come. Those elected will be ordained or welcomed back onto Session during services next week, May 27th.

Margaret B will be stepping off Session this year. On behalf of the entire congregation, we thank her very much for all her service.

We especially thank Margaret for spearheading Briarwood’s Plant, Book and Bake Sale from 9-12 tomorrow, Saturday, May 19th. Her trio of helpers have been orchestrating plant cuttings (Fran S), books (Jennifer C) and baking (Marian S). It even looks like the rain may hold off until the afternoon. Come one and all!

We welcomed Fay B to the Session Meeting. She spoke about the amazing ministry of the Pastoral Support Team, including phone calls, visiting, meals, driving, cards, and palliative support. The efforts of this small team are so much appreciated by those who are supported! It is part of what makes Briarwood such a caring community. If you need assistance or know of someone who does, or if you would like to be part of this ministry, please contact Fay.

A Reader’s Ministry has been established for those who enjoy reading during worship services. If this is of interest to you, please speak to Sarina or to your elder.

Session approved a motion from the Memorial Committee to purchase a bike rack that will be dedicated to all members who left us too soon. We will also provide the option for donations either to the Memorial Fund or to Briarwood’s Contingency Fund.

The Outreach Committee reported that just over $1,600 had been sent to On Rock Community Services in support of their food assistance programs.

And lastly, one of our regular agenda items is consideration of suggestions or questions that have been received. Our Church Administrator oversees permission for use of the Parking Lot, so if you have questions about vehicles using our Parking Lot, please speak to Nancy. We are so grateful to those who donate (or even knit) dish clothes and towels so that they will be available in the kitchen. Everyone is reminded to please return dish cloths and dish towels that may have been taken home for cleaning.

And now from the Board …

As you can see, the flat roof replacement is ongoing. We need a bit more co-operation from the weather. Long story short, a bit of water got into the narthex over by the kitchen due to the roofing. Any damage will be repaired by the roofer, their cost.

We had an ant treatment this week. Nothing to harm humans. A number of things were done. You might see some glue traps behind the garbage can and the blue box in the kitchen. Just leave them. They are glue and vanilla (ants love the smell). And PLEASE do NOT leave any food scraps on the floors. We do NOT want to encourage the ants.

Don't forget the plant, book and bake sale on Saturday the 19th.

Estimates being obtained to clean the upper reaches of the church.

Marilyn E. Scott

Clerk of Session

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