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Precis of February Session Meeting

You can tell that everything is moving into a groove at Briarwood. Once again, we finished our Session meeting before 9:30 pm!!

Among the “regular business” was approval of names of those who will be joining Briarwood as members at our Blended Service (starting at 10:30) on March 4th. This will be an action-packed Sunday, welcoming new members and new ministers-in-association during the service, and then sharing lunch and our much anticipated AGM!!!

We also approved dates for two additional Blended Services before the summer (May 6th and June 17th) and 10 am communion on April 15th and May 27th.

Sarina’s ideas continue to abound!

She will lead a class for older adults (together with Cindy Morneault) on the third Thursday of the month, from 1:30-3 for 3 months Apr-June. This pilot series will involve round table discussions about transition and challenges faced by older adults. If all goes well, there will be other topics for the future! If you have a topic you would like discussed, let Sarina know!

The Memorial Committee will be purchasing a portable library cart with a plaque to be dedicated in loving memory of those who inspire others to read. Everyone will be encouraged to peruse (and borrow!) books.

We continue to thank those who send us suggestions. Occasionally, we send letters by “snail mail” when we want to be sure everyone receives and reads the information! In an effort to reduce the cost of stamps, such letters will be placed in the Narthex for one or two weeks so that many will be picked up on Sunday. We also appreciate the request to include readings from Living Faith within the 10 am service!

The sharing of pastoral celebrations and concerns is always a highlight of each meeting.

As we continue on the road to Lent, the Session prays that your Lenten Journey will be a blessed experience.

Marilyn E. Scott

Clerk of Session

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