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Highlights of January Session meeting


What a blessing it was to welcome Sarina to her first Session meeting. She shared with us her plans for the coming months, including the focus of her sermon series between now and Pentecost.

We discussed the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Feb 19th. The theme for the day will be Thanksgiving, Blessing and Praise. During the service, we hope to show a slide show representing some of the amazing things that have happened through ministries at Briarwood in 2016, so if you have any photos please forward them to me. The spirit of celebration will continue through to our lunch immediately after the service and AGM. Remember that we will have a blended service that day, starting at 10:30 and all are invited to stay for the lunch and AGM.

Sarina is anxious to get to know people better, in part through a monthly dinner with small groups. More details to follow! Please continue to wear your name tags for a while.

We formally “dissolved” the Search Committee, with thanks for all their efforts over the past 18 months.

We accepted Hannes dP’s resignation from Session, also with thanks. We are encouraged that he expressed his willingness to serve again in a couple of years, once his current commitments end. We will be beginning the process of seeking new elders shortly. Please pray for those within our congregation who have gifts for this type of leadership.

Stevie P-T begins her part-time contract (20 hr / wk) as our Children and Youth Director on February 1st.

We celebrated the phenomenal work of the team who helped in so many ways with our Christmas basket initiative. The $2545 donated by the congregation was used to fill 15 baskets for families mostly in the West Island. In addition, we helped shop, fill and distribute 22 baskets for Chez Doris. The list of helpers is very long. I counted 10 shoppers, 4 Christmas card creators, 6 packers, and 13 families who delivered baskets, including 15 children and youth. What a mammoth effort coordinated by Fred G and Penny G.

We are thankful for the suggestions that have been received in our new “Suggestion Box”, and have already addressed the concern about how icy the parking lot can be. It is especially helpful if suggestions can include a suggestion as to what we might do to address any concerns!

Please pray for Sarina as she settles in, for the Pastoral Support Team who helps those who are sick or having trouble getting around, and for the Prayer Chain who pray for those in need of special attention.

Finally, we hope that you continue to pray for Joe McLelland’s family, friends and colleagues, and that you will be able to attend his Memorial Service at Briarwood at 11 am Saturday, Feb 25th (visitation at 10 am).

Marilyn E. Scott

Clerk of Session

Briarwood Presbyterian Church

70 Beaconsfield Blvd

Beaconsfield, QC H9W 3Z3

Office: 514-695-1879


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