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This Week @Briarwood

StartFragmentSunday, Sept. 11th: Two worship services at Briarwood - traditional service at 10 am and contemporary service at 11:30 am, led by Rev. Dr. J.S.S. Armour. There are children's faith programmes and a nursery at both services, and Communion at the 11:30 service. The scriptures are Genesis 6: 11-12, Psalm 42 and Genesis 8: 13-22 - "The Oldest Story in the World".

Ladies' Breakfast - Saturday, Sept. 10th: As the first Saturday in September was the Labour Day weekend and the farmers' market is in full swing, there will be two opportunities for breakfast: Saturday, Sept. 3rd and Saturday, Sept.10th at Arcade Basile in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue. The first to arrive finds a table. Friends and visitors are welcome!

Blood Donor Clinic: Monday, Sept. 12th from 12:30 - 8:30 pm at Briarwood. By appointment only - call 514-832-5000 ext. 5525 to set up a time.

Ladies' Lunch: Wednesday, Sept. 14th at noon at Tadja Hall in Ste-Anne. To reserve, please contact Marian Siminski at 514-457-3182 or


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