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Precis of Session Meeting - Jan. 12, 2016

In addition to our “month-to-month” business, discussions at the January Session meeting focused primarily on communications, money, and people.

Communications: We have a new Web Site and it looks fantastic. Do take a look. The link is Thanks to our Communications Committee for all their work on this. The committee has several other ideas, so you will be hearing more from them soon.

Money: Session discussed the Proposed 2016 budget with our Treasurer, and put our “stamp of approval” on it. The Budget will be presented to the congregation at the Annual Congregational Meeting on March 13th, following a blended service, and before lunch.

Also, we were delighted with the generosity of the congregation in support of our Christmas Basket Initiative ($2053) and of funds raised to support Chez Doris ($2601). Many people were involved in purchase of food, packing and delivering Christmas baskets. A huge thanks to all of them, and to everyone who helped make Christmas a bit brighter for those in need!!

On the horizon, the Board informed us that the roof will need to be replaced in 2016.

People: We reviewed all the comments that were received during the District Meetings held in the Fall. Thanks so much to the 50 people who attended and for the comments, questions and suggestions. Your ideas were forwarded to the relevant committees for further consideration.

We revised the elder district lists to ensure that everyone has an elder. The list will be posted shortly, and if you are not on the list, I apologize!!!! Please contact me and I will ensure you have an elder as soon as possible. Remember that your elder prays for you, and serves as a source of pastoral support in good times and bad.

The Search Committee has posted our Ad for a Minister, and has started to review possible candidates. They would be delighted to receive any names that you would suggest!

Finally, we agreed to renew the contract of our amazing organist and choir director.

With God’s blessings,

Marilyn Scott,

Clerk of Session

Briarwood Presbyterian Church

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